Let a pillow tell your story

Why let thoose stories and memories fill up our homes, were they´ll never be seen. An old leatherjacket. To memorable to sell or throwaway but let´s be honest you´ll probably never wear it.

Let´s dust of that old leatherjacket and bring new life into it by taking care of  YOUR  story and saving a material aswell as a story from being waste.


1. Send me your leatherjacket

You will never regret it! Send me your jacket. I will give you 300 SEK of the price of a pillow. You will finally get a use of your jacket and preserve thoose memories.

2.Cleaned and taken apart

Every jacket is looked over and cleaned. Then it´s brought apart piece by piece. Discovering the beauty of a wellmade jacket.

3.Parts are cut out

You choose which pattern you want for your pillow. The parts are cut.

4.Add an inscription

Add a little inscription of your choice. To mark a memory or make it for someone special or for the memory of a special day.

5.Swen together piece by piece

Every leatherjacket is unique, every leather is unique, every person is unique so are every pillow made. Sewn with love and passion. No hurt, no bad feelings and no bad conscience. A product that fits the world of today.

6. Packed and sent to you in style

The pillow gets the last touches before the last wrapping in old newspaper. Upcycled from head to toe.

Dear Hildur, I made a pillow for you. Love John

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