Turn your broken, inherited or missfitted leather- or suedejacket into a pillow with soul.

Why let thoose stories and memories fill up our homes, were they´ll never be seen. It´s time to dust of that old leatherjacket and bring new life into it. Save a story and save a material from being waste. Hildur and John represents the movement of products from one person to another. Products that last over time. These Pillows comes in three models, the pineconepillow, the trianglepillow and the plainpillow. They are made with a wish of taking better care of natural resources and let stories continue to be told.

If YOU have your own abandoned LEATHERJACKET. I´d love to bring new life into it, by making you a pillow with soul.

With PASSION, SUSTAINABILITY and QUALITY. Let me bring meaning into products. Taking care of memories as well as materials otherwise gone to waste.

From a jacket too a pillow

Have an old leather-or suedejacket, just hanging there in your wardrobe or in the attic? To memorable to throwaway or sell. But you will probabaly never wear it. Let me make you a pillow full of memories.

Your leatherjacket story

Let me take care of your stories. All leatherjackets have a past. Whats your story? Who did it belong to? What makes it special? Why have you kept this jacket for all these years?

Why Hildur2john