Hildur was my grandmother. My only idol. I loved being by her side. Her calm prescence. Her big heart. John was my grandfather. I never met him. He died when my father turned 11. Hildur and John got thirteen children. My dad was number twelve. Hildur lost both her legs, due to Protein C Deficiency. But she carried on in a wheelchair without legs and without a husband but with 13 children. She was a fighter. So was all the kids. This is the story of Hildur and John. A story of two remarkable people. A story full of love and hard work. Their life is a perfect example of how stories wander and affect many peoples lives along the way. This is my story of how meaning is a created. From a jacket to a pillow. 


How it´s made

Creating a pillow out of a jacket is pure magic.
I always look into the character and possibilities of the original jacket.
Are there a certain wear or a story to be kept.
 Details that pop out and clearly should be sewn onto the pillow.

1. Send me your leatherjacket

You will never regret it! Send me your jacket. I will give you 100 SEK of the price of a pillow. You will finally get a use of your jacket and preserve thoose memories.

2.Cleaned and taken apart

Every jacket is looked over and cleaned. Then it´s brought apart piece by piece. Discovering the beauty of a wellmade jacket.

3.Parts are cut out

You choose which pattern you want for your pillow. The parts are cut.

4.Add an inscription

Add a little inscription of your choice. To mark a memory or make it for someone special or for the memory of a special day.

5.Swen together piece by piece

Every leatherjacket is unique, every leather is unique, every person is unique so are every pillow made. Sewn with love and passion. No hurt, no bad feelings and no bad conscience. A product that fits the world of today.

6. Packed and sent to you in style

The pillow gets the last touches before the last wrapping in old newspaper. Upcycled from head to toe.

Old photos of Hildur, John and their 13 children.

My head against your chest,
Your forhead against my shoulder.
Our hug in a pillow.